A cooks best friend A good sharp knife can make the difference between enjoying cooking and making it a chore. It will help with prep time and go through food smoothly and easily.  A dull knife is a dangerous one.

Make it fresh Buy the freshest in-season fruits and vegetables you can find and can afford, they are delicious and good for you. Simply adding fresh herbs such as parsley, basil or chives to a dish will add freshness and awaken the senses. 

A well stocked pantry With some basic ingredients on hand you will always be prepared to put together a quick family meal or entertain last-minute guests.  The trick is to have enough supplies on hand to put together a delicious and satisfying meal when you simply have no time to grocery shop.  

Begin with good quality olive oil, chicken broth or bouillon, then grains,  rice and pasta, and canned goods such as tuna, beans (cannellini, chickpeas), tomatoes and marinara sauce. Think about what  works best for you and your family to help determine your essentials.